Here’s how Squires Garden Centres use social media

Squire’s Garden Centre is a successful family owned horticulture business that serves the local community. There are 16 Squires Garden Centres to discover across Surrey, Sussex, Middlesex, West London and Berkshire. GCR Speaks with Karen Smith, the group marketing manager at Squires for their tips on social media.

Karen Smith, Group Marketing Manager at Squire’s

Squires offers a wide range of quality plants and garden projects together with an extensive selection of garden furniture, houseplants and gifts. They continue their drive towards customer excellence with their highly qualified and experienced horticultural staff on hand to help with plant related questions.

Making Your Content Successful

The Garden retail industry is an ever-changing business. With products and services constantly shifting, this provides rich content for social media.

Successful social media content is reliant on a variety of factors.

There is a need to make sure your content is relevant and inspiring. Karen expressed “We make sure that there are not too many sales driven posts. If you are selling things all the time people will switch off. We make our content varied and people are very receptive to it”

Highlighting the passion, expertise and knowledge within the field proves popular.

Is Social Media Beneficial for Your Garden Centre?

We currently live in a world which traditional advertising is no longer enough. Social media not only allows for incredible outreach and networking, but also allows for interactivity that can be very valuable for trades.

When used correctly, it can help businesses drive footfall and sales and can help get across the breadth of company offering and expertise. It’s a cost effective and easy way to communicate and interact with your customers.

“All our centres have their own Facebook Location” Says Karen. “This means that we can make our messages relevant to the areas where customers live. For example, our centre in Badshot Lea recently had a refurbishment with a new plant canopy and toilets.

“During the building work we had to temporarily close the play area, but we were regularly able to update our customers. They later commented that they really appreciated being kept informed”.

Which Squires Posts Are Best Received?

The toughest part of running social media is coming up with new ideas. Followers expect new content and your garden centre is expected to deliver. Businesses need to have multiple social media ideas in their back pocket to keep their customers engaging with their posts.

Within garden centres beautiful plant displays are always well received. Karen explains: “Our Woking team did a lovely display in September using an old MINI. The posts went viral. It also started conversations with customers and drove people to the centre.”

Competitions and events are always popular on social media. Competitions provide great interaction and go viral quickly. They are a brilliant way of telling your customers about products.

Measuring Your Success 

Having data at your fingertips is the prime reason that social media has taken the lead within the marketing industry. It allows you garden centre to get to know your audience and reach your local community. Immediately allowing you to see what posts are successful and what your audience chooses not to interact with.

Karen explained that ROI (Return on Investment) is a great way to track success. “Referral to our website, click through rate and conversions. Although our website is not fully e-commerce, customers can buy things from our website. So, tracking the conversion rate from social media ads is really important”.

What Platforms Perform Best

Social media sites for business is one of the cheapest forms of marketing available. But deciding what social media you invest in can get confusing. Do you invest in them all? Which social media sites will provide the most ROI?

With the total number of active social medias falling just shy of 2.89 billion people, no matter which social media sites you decide to invest in, you have a high change of reaching customers that you may not have reached otherwise.

People purchasing from business on social media, are now spending 20%-40% more money on companies that are using social media.

“Facebook performs best for us now with the strongest reach and engagement. Interestingly around 90% of the people that our posts reach and engage with are female. We also know that Instagram is a growing channel for us, and something that we are focusing more attention on” says Karen.

Squires Social Media

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  1. I see so many Garden Centre not using social media either they don’t have the resources and are under staffed or do not see the benefit. Squires on the other hand reap the benefits and I see them constantly all over Instagram. Great job squires.

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