Hexham Courant teamed up with Earth Garden Centre for sunflower competition

They were growing in gardens all over Tynedale adding a bit of brightness to our summer, but some were taller than others, a lot taller!

When the Hexham Courant teamed up with the Down to Earth Garden Centre in Hexham, to launch it’s annual Tallest Sunflower competition, we were amazed with the quantity of giant sunflowers our readers had grown.

It started back in May when independent seeds company Thompson and Morgan kindly provided free packets of seeds for those wanting a start in the competition. And then with Down to Earth providing a first prize of ?50 worth of vouchers, the challenge was on.

Over the last couple of weeks you have been sending us pictures of your lofty blooms and finally we have verified a winner.

Pat and Edwin Wilkinson from Bellingham have grown a sunflower measuring 370cm tall (12ft 1.5in), but it was even taller when it was in full bloom.

All together there were at least a dozen entries over three metres tall, including the two runners- up, Mrs Gladys Lee from Prudhoe, 360cm (11ft 10ins), and Tom Robinson aged six from Wylam, 352cm (11ft 6.5ins).

Thank you to everyone who took part we have really enjoyed looking at all the entries.

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