Highfield Garden World celebrates a big 25th birthday

Since Highfield Garden World opened its doors for the first time in 1992, the family owned and run business has seen it all from Chelsea Flower Show gold medals to the launch of a 450 seat restaurant. Over the years the business has survived a recession (just) and also enjoyed enormous commercial success ? luckily in that order.

Now the leading independent garden centre in Gloucestershire, Highfield employs 140 staff, welcomes around 10,000 customers a week, has a turnover nearing ?10m*, and sells around 25,000 different products ranging from peonies to pavlovas and cushions to cat baskets.

The business launched in 1992 with a champagne breakfast and 15 staff to its name. Now Highfield employs 140, and celebrated the big 25 year milestone with a special birthday breakfast for staff complete with birthday cake.

*Turnover currently stands at ?9.7m including the income from on-site concessions, ?6.2m without.? Highfield is the leading independent garden centre in Gloucestershire.

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