Highfield Garden World developments are underway

The most recent building project at Highfield Garden World in Gloucestershire is on track to be completed in time for the Easter sales uplift, according to the garden centre. The building has been undertaken to coincide with the quieter trading months of January and February.

The latest investment will increase the site?s total covered retail area from 5,200m? to almost 6,000m? and focusses on rebuilding one of the oldest sections of the site. The new area will be home to gardening products as well as large seasonal and pop-up displays, including an enlarged outdoor leisure department in spring and summer and an extended Christmas department.

MD Tim Greenway commented: ?We?ve always got a project either in mind or on the go. Our biggest incentive for overhauling this part of the site was to help us make the customer journey ever better.? We?re constantly looking at how the flow works, and at how the customer responds to different sectors in different spaces in a different order and so on.

“This project is part of some bigger changes to the way our various areas interact, the footpaths customers take from sector to sector, and to improving sight-lines in general.?

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