Highfield Garden World reveals major investment and new restaurant plans

Highfield Garden World has revealed how an increase in profits and footfall has helped with new restaurant plans.

Its annual figures for 2019 reveal turnover grew from £6,848,248 in 2018 to £7,389,066 in 2019. Footfall is up, profits also rose, there is £3.7 million-plus of cash in the bank and £6 million-plus of equity.
Tim Greenway, director of Highfield Garden World, reveals the business believes it can continue to make progress.
“Favourable weather early in the year resulted in strong growth. Especially compared to the Beast front the East weather in early 2018,” said Tim.
“2019 has seen improvement in trading. Both turnover and gross profit shows growth year-on-year. There’s also been a growth in footfall on the year of 5.3 per cent. Membership of our customer loyalty programme now stands at 16,500.”
Previous investment saw the site change to create a restaurant. It overlooks the Severn Vale.
“We have grown to 160 staff, with concessions as well, 170 people working on the site.
“We took the decision four years ago that the business had grown so much that we needed a general manager” said Tim.
“We have planning permission to put in 110 to 120 more car parking spaces. We can extend the restaurant to at least 100 to 150 covers, and add retail space as well,” said Mr Greenway.
“We are very pleased at that will be moved forward in stages. Over the next five years we plan to invest £2 million into the business. The last big spend was £2.5 million, and that was six years ago now. You cannot stand still.”
According to its annual report its core focus remains gardening.

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