Highgate garden centre: No to development plans

A developer which hoped to build three luxury homes on the site of the former Highgate Garden Centre was told this week by Haringey planning chiefs that its scheme would not be given the green light.

The garden centre, which closed in the summer, lies on land known as the Highgate Bowl behind Highgate High Street.

Liz Morris, from The Highgate Bowl Action Group, said: ?The council?s decision recognises that this is one of the last undeveloped spaces in the historic Highgate Bowl, whose open aspect has defined Highgate throughout history, and is a key feature of the Highgate Conservation Area.?

She added that the group would look at finding partners to help protect the land from private housing. It is hoped a community buy-out, under the new Localism Act, could lead to a new ecology centre.

She added: ?This is at least the sixth attempt in the last half century to build on this land, which has always been used for agricultural and gardening purposes. All have been rebuffed. We believe that now is the time to agree a use for the land which preserves its open quality and provides some form of public access and environmental benefit from the site, and are examining ways in which this could be realised.?

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