Hillier unveils its 2022 new plant introduction

Hillier has enhanced its forsythia range by introducing a new variety Forsythia x intermedia ‘Discovery’ (John Mitchell).

This new variety adds variegated foliage to the flowers of this genus. The unique form has attractive, green ovate leaves, with a variegated margin. This contrasts against the deep red stems, and from late February into March, the bare stems are smothered in lightly scented pale-yellow flowers. This new plant will be available in all 19 Hillier garden centres across the South of England as well as through the new Hillier Online Shop.

The introduction of forsythia ‘Discovery’ comes following its discovery 15 years ago in the garden of John Mitchell, first officer in the UK merchant navy. John propagated the variety from just a single 15cm twig he found on a forsythia bush. John passed away in 2013 after a two-year long battle with dementia but had a great love for the sea throughout his life, and finished his career working on the UK Oceanography research vessels. The story behind the name comes from one of his last ships RSS ‘Discovery’, making ‘Discovery’ an apt choice and a moving way of honouring John.

With more than 155 years of horticulture knowledge, Hillier is celebrated for growing exceptional quality plants and is proud to be adding this one to its offering.

Chris Francis, Hillier garden centre and wholesale nurseries director, stated: “Launching this new forsythia variety, forsythia ‘Discovery’, is another significant step towards widening our product offerings for our customers whilst also giving an inspirational story behind the shrub, which Liz, John’s sister was very kind to share with us. With Hillier’s core principles being innovation, quality and family values, this seemed like the perfect Forsythia to add to our range.”

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