Hiroshima trees find home at Batsford

Batsford arboretum and garden centre in Gloucestershire has taken delivery of seeds from trees that survived the atomic bombing in Hiroshima in 1945.

The seeds, which come from a Ginkgo tree and an Ilex Rotunda, were sent from Green Legacy Hiroshima, which is an initiative set-up to safeguard the surviving trees and educate people on the meaning of their existence. This followed a request from Batsford?s Head Gardener, Matthew Hall.

Despite the devastation caused by the bombing, new seedlings started to sprout across the desolate landscape and the ?A-bombed? trees continued showing signs of life. GLH, which was founded in 2011, now oversees the safeguarding of around 170 trees across 55 locations, all set within a two kilometre radius of the bomb hypocentre.

Each of the trees are cared for by various authorities, botanists, citizens? groups and individuals. They are labelled ?Hibakujumoku? meaning ?survivor tree?.

The Ginkgo seeds were sown in Batsford?s nursery in June and saplings are already coming through. It is hoped that there will be around 18 Gingko saplings out by spring 2017.

Matthew Hall said: ?I read an article about the GLH project in an RHS publication and thought it would be an honour to grow seeds from an A-bombed tree, so that Batsford could be part of the GLH initiative and help promote the Green Legacy.?

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