Holbeach visit by the Earl of Yarborough and Taylor’s Bulbs

The Earl of Yarborough, High Sheriff of Lincolnshire, was in Holbeach yesterday for visits to hospital residents and O A Taylor’s Bulbs, the UK?s leading supplier of flowering bulbs to garden centres, nurseries and supermarkets.

Lord Yarborough was shown around the hospital by Dr Bharat Khetani, chairman of Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust, the trust?s treasurer Karl Ellerbroek, and manager Loraine Wigston.

Mr Ellerbroek said: ?Apparently he (Lord Yarborough) is trying to get to know a little bit more about the south of the county. We are a bit of a forgotten corner ? especially Holbeach ? because we are so close to the border with Norfolk.

?We gave Lord Yarborough the full tour and he showed a great deal of interest in what we are doing at the hospital and he was quite interested in our proposals for the future. We are looking to develop a dementia unit in the not too distant future.?

Lord Yarborough met flower bulb company directors Roger Taylor, Adam Taylor and Sam Taylor.

Roger said: ?He spoke to a lot of members of staff and expressed quite a lot of interest in what we are doing.

?He was delighted to hear not only that we supply nationally but also export as well.?

The office of High Sheriff is of great antiquity and importance in England and Wales. Originally it was the High Sheriff?s job to prepare for assizes (periodic court hearings), including arranging accommodation for judges. Today the role is regarded as having social and symbolic importance.


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