Brinton Products, maker of market-leading Patio Magic! has relaunched HOLIDAY PLANT SAVERS, a quick and easy solution to keeping houseplants watered for up to two weeks while owners are away from home.

Each Holiday Plant Saver pouch includes a sachet containing an organic thickening agent.? When water is added it turns in to a gel which is slowly absorbed by plants ? keeping them watered for at least two weeks and often up to three weeks. Tried and tested by Which? in 2013, these little pockets of gel provide the perfect answer to the question ?who will water my plants while I am away from home??

The technically unique product is extremely consumer friendly, with step-by-step pictograms on the back of the pouch, which also serves as the outer plant pot.? The Holiday Plant Saver has a very small shelf footprint ? but a high impact, stand out visual appearance with its fun and quirky packaging.? It is available in two pack sizes – singles and multipacks.

The single packs retail for ?1.69 and are supplied with a counter display unit if required.

The multi packs contain three singles and have a SSP of ?3.99

The sealed pouches have convenient euro-hooks for easy display and they can be sited both indoors adjacent to the house plants, in the seasonal area or indeed in secondary positions outdoors due to the waterproofed packaging.

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