Holocaust survivor visits Bents Garden & Home

Holocaust survivor, Intelligence Officer for General MacCarthy, World Renowned Garden Centre Designer; all terms to describe one man.? 95 year old Ernest Wertheim who has played a pivotal role in the development of Bents Garden & Home over the past 20 years.

With a career as a landscape architect which spans eight decades Ernest is also one of the world?s first garden centre designers.? Having been involved with the development of Bents Garden & Home since the early 1990s, to the Bent family he is also a close family friend who recently visited the Centre to catch up with friends and family.

Born in Germany, Ernest developed a love of plants and nature from the age of 5.? As a Jewish teenager growing up in Nazi Germany, he survived the holocaust, escaping to America in 1938.? During the Second World War he served in the Pacific Theatre and was an Intelligence Officer for General MacCarthy, experiencing the realities of war.

But during all his life experiences his love of plants endured, seeing and taking note of horticulture all around him.? He has since risen to the top of his profession and remains one of the worldwide leaders in the garden centre industry.

Says Matthew Bent, Managing Director at Bents Garden & Home:? ?Ernest has been a part of the Bents family for many years during which time he has helped us plan and deliver every stage of our development, from the first shop extension in 1996 to our latest expansion plans.

?We are enormously grateful to him for all the help and guidance he has, and continues to give, but most of all we cherish him as a friend.? His life has been an incredible journey, but his love of the beauty of the natural world has been the one consistent factor, something which he helps bring to thousands of people through the development of the garden centre industry.?

Ernest?s book, Chasing Spring, is a true account of his remarkable life story, demonstrating how a belief in our abilities can help overcome life?s challenges.

Photo credit:?Warrington Guardian

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