Thetford Garden Centre plans big extension

Thetford Garden Centre has “big plans” for an entertainment and children’s play area. They’re also planning another coffee shop.

The business, founded in 1982 by Jean and Paul Nixon, has become a popular destination.
But before the plans can take a step forward, the business needs to extend its office and storage space.
They have lodged an application with Breckland Council to do so. A single-storey extension is set to include an office, staff room and storage for existing deli and butchers.
Thetford Garden Centre is now run by the couple’s daughter Lucy Nixon and her husband Shane Hinkley. She said the success of the garden centre meant it needs more room behind the scenes to allow the business to grow. “The more the business grows, the more back room and office space is needed to support it.
“We have outgrown our current office space. This extension will increase efficiency, provide more quiet spaces and bigger toilets.
“This first extension is important. We will be submitting a bigger planning application later on for an extension of the shop. We also need a refurbishment of our outside plant area. We also hope to include an entertainment area, children’s play area and another coffee shop.”
The team said the plans for the extension to the office and storage area will not affect customers. Toilet facilities will still be available while it is being renovated.
The business also plans to build a new entrance to its restaurant as it looks to organise more evening events.
Ms Nixon added: “We have a good core customer base. Garden centres are a popular destination people travel a long way to visit.
“It’s a great day out. We are proud to have a successful local garden centre which is well loved by its customers.”

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