Hopes raised that Ansell Garden Centre could rise from the ashes following West Drayton fire

The West Drayton garden centre gutted by fire could rise like a phoenix from the flames, its owners have hinted.

Ansell Garden Centre was destroyed in a massive blaze which swept through it on Sunday (November 20).

In a series of tweets in the immediate aftermath of the fire, the owners spoke of their “despair and heartache”.?But in later tweet it suggested that planning could already be under way to rebuild a ?better? garden centre.?The tweet was sent by Ansell in reply to one of the many messages of good wishes it has been inundated with since Sunday.

After a well-wisher expressed her sympathy and offered to help in a with a rebuild, Ansell replied: ?Thanks you! Just sat at the dinner table with the family deciding how we can make it even better.? A seedling emoji is added to the end.

In a separate tweet, Ansell said the kind words of well-wishers was helping.

It read: ?The messages from the whole community have been a comfort.?

And writing on its Facebook page, the garden centre, based in Holloway Lane in Harmondsworth, paid tribute to all those who had helped over a tumultuous few days.

It read: ?We have been touched by all the kind words and support that you all have offered, from our family, friends, customers, suppliers, residents and our staff both new and old who have become part of our family. Thank you.

?Thank you to the firefighters and the police continue to provide all their support and monitor the garden centre (or what?s left of it) to ensure the safety of the local residents.

?You all have given us the courage to move forward.?We will hopefully see your smiles in the very near future and will keep you updated as much as we can so please keep in tune with our Facebook page.?With some hope, we stay strong, we fight, we move forward,?


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