Hortipak Move to Recyclabels

Hortipak are delighted to confirm they have now moved all label and handle production to recycled materials.

All new labels and handles will contain recycled polypropylene at no extra cost to customers and with no impact on product quality.

Five Years Ahead of Target

Hortipak’s Managing Director James Buffoni explains, “We are delighted to announce the move across all of our labels and handles. The UK Plastics Pact target for polypropylene is to achieve 20% recycled content in PP products by 2025.

“Our core products will contain between 20% and 40% recycled content by default – this action will put our products some five years ahead of government targets.”

Maximum In-Store Impact

“We want to ensure that if you buy a product from us it has maximum impact in-store as well as having maximum value to UK recyclers – this cannot be said for printed PET and PS.

“Hortipak understands the specific needs of UK customers, the UK recycling systems and the UK’s strategy for plastic use and recycling going forward. We work closely with key actors in this area who provide credible third-party feedback on our plans and decisions.”

Leading the Way…again!

“We led the way on sustainability over a decade ago by moving to recyclable polypropylene labels – a move which has withstood scrutiny particularly of the last few years, with other products such as the PP Taupe Pot following suit.”

Buffoni continued “Increasing recycled content shouldn’t be treated as an arms race. We’ve seen in the past that switching materials unnecessarily, or using a high volume of unsuitable recycled content, can lead to increased waste – this is a step backwards in every sense.

“Our main constraint is the availability of premium-grade recycled material, however we can now maintain these levels and our quality going forward.”

Hundreds of Millions

Buffoni summarised, “This move increases recycled content across hundreds of millions of labels each year, with no cost to quality or increase in cost to our customers. As such, Hortipak can provide UK growers and retailers with a simple and sustainable solution to a widely-publicised and overly-complicated issue, as well as being made in Britain.”


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