How we’ve Fallen Back in Love with our Gardens

There are definite downsides to a few months of enforced lockdown. But one of the most obvious silver linings is that the period has allowed many of us the time to do the things we’ve always loved doing. With keeping busy being critical when it comes to staying sane, there’s never been a better time to be out in the garden. And that’s even before you consider the warm weather that’s on the way!

Why is Gardening Good for You?

Gardening has been heavily cited as a means of combatting depression. The reasons for this may be complicated. Some studies have identified simply looking at a green space as a mood-lifter. Add this to the joy of keeping busy, the fun of discovery, and the smells, sounds and sights of your own little patch of earth, and it’s easy to appreciate the merits of the practice. Plus, at the end of it, you get a beautiful garden to relax in, too!

Visiting a Flower Show

While going to an actual show might now be out of the question, organisers have seen fit to offer a digital alternative. The Virtual RHS Chelsea Flower Show, due to take place in May, will act as a substitute for the genuine article. It’ll allow the world’s best gardeners an opportunity to showcase their talents, and the rest of us to learn from them.

Online Instruction

While you might not have realised it, there’s a whole world of gardening knowledge available, courtesy of YouTube and other video streaming services. Even better, there have never been more gardeners available to answer questions and to offer advice. If there’s an element in your garden you’d like to showcase, then take a picture and get it onto your social network of choice. You might receive some constructive criticism in return – or, better yet, some compliments!

Online shopping

At this time of year, garden centres across the country might have been thronged by green-fingered customers. But present circumstances have forced many of them to get creative when it comes to making sales. Buying seeds and other smaller packages over the internet will help you to keep supplied even when you can’t actually visit a physical shop. Larger items, like plant pots and garden furniture from Cox & Cox, might provide just the inspiration your gardening efforts need!

What if I don’t have a garden?

For millions of people in the UK, a garden is a luxury that’s out of reach. But even if you live in a high-rise block of flats, you can still cultivate some amazing things. All that’s required is a windowsill and a few potted plants. Kitchen windowsills are ideal, as they provide a space for fresh herbs. A sprinkling of chive will perk up a serving of scrambled eggs every time.

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