Hozelock announce partnership with Blooms for Bees

Hozelock (www.hozelock.com) are delighted to announce a partnership with Blooms for Bees (www.bloomsforbees.co.uk) ? a citizen science project that promotes and improves gardening to encourage bees.

The aim of this community science project is to discover how foliar feeding may increase floral abundance, nectar and pollen quantity and quality, and most importantly bee visitation rates. Tubs, hanging baskets and window boxes are great ways to introduce flowers into the garden.? The trial will determine the most effective way to keep pots and baskets blooming throughout the summer, and so helping bees in the garden.

Together, Hozelock and Blooms for Bees, hope to educate gardeners and help bees flourish in their gardens through a trial where they?ll sow 54 Nasturtium seeds across three replicate plots. Each plot will contain 18 plants, with six plants receiving one of three treatments ? these are:

  1. Foliar feeding with water
  2. Foliar feeding with comfrey tea
  3. Foliar feeding with seaweed feed

Foliar feeds will be applied weekly using the Hozelock Pure Sprayer, which is an ideal way to apply natural recipes to plants. The data collection will take place weekly between 8?June and 13 July, 2017, assessing the health and growth of plants. The presence of pests, diseases and symptoms will also be assessed, as well as the number of open flowers.

Keep an eye out for the results of the trial on www.bloomsforbees.co.uk

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