Hozelock helps consumers water efficiently with return of Watering Wisdom campaign

With warmer weather on the horizon and an increased interest in sustainable gardening, homeowners throughout the UK are looking for ways to take care of their gardens, without damaging the environment or compromising on product performance.

One of the key areas where the trend for sustainable gardening continues to grow, is watering the garden in ways that are both effective and kind to the environment.

To meet this interest, and educate gardeners on water efficiency in the garden, Hozelock has reintroduced its ‘Watering Wisdom’ campaign. The campaign will provide gardeners with useful tips and advice, on social media and the Hozelock blog, on gardening effectively and with water sustainability in mind.

Sarah Dixon, UK and international marketing manager at Hozelock, comments: “In the current climate of soaring costs and global warming, many people are looking to lower household water consumption. By continuing our Watering Wisdom campaign, we will resume our mission to educate gardeners of all abilities on water efficient product choices, from spray guns to automatic watering solutions and irrigation systems.”

Hozelock’s Recommended Products for Wiser Watering

Jet Spray and Multi Spray Guns

Now updated for 2022, the Jet Spray and Multi Spray Guns are equipped with a front trigger, an ergonomic on/off lock button and flow control so they can be used with just one hand. The smooth flow control also allows gardeners to change the amount of water being sprayed. This function can be pushed forward for maximum power or pulled back to reduce water usage by up to 50%.

Hozelock Multi Spray Gun

Select Plus Controller

 The new innovative Select Plus Controller offers gardeners full control of their watering schedule, with the option to programme watering for any time, any day and for any duration. Additionally, water wastage is minimised due to the ‘Rain Delay’ function which pauses watering according to the weather forecast.

Select Plus Controller

Irrigation system

Gardeners can utilise Hozelock’s ABCD system, which helps gardeners easily identify the tools they need to set up their own irrigation systems and make the most of automatic watering. The innovative irrigation system includes tap accessories, water network, drippers, and sprinklers, all of which are designed to ensure the right amount of water gets to the right place in the garden.

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