Hozelock introduces new premium hose end accessories

The Hozelock new Ultramax Jet Spray and new Ultramax Multi Spray are among the most durable and robust watering accessories in the world.

The solid zinc alloy body of each Ultramax spray gun is designed to withstand the most rugged of environments and has been tested in extreme conditions to prove the value of investing in premium products that will last the test of time.

Hozelock?s demanding specification of the Ultramax range included repeatedly driving a 1600kg car over the products and for them to still be useable after the test, overcoming one of the most common causes of damage to watering equipment. The Ultramax Jet Spray and Ultramax Multi Spray guns are so robust that Hozelock can guarantee them for 5 years!

For those who want durability without the weight of a solid metal body, the new Pro Multi Spray gun and new Pro Jet Spray gun is ideal for gardening in comfort with strong metal connection and polished stainless steel accents. The new Pro Multi Spray gun has the flexibility of seven different spray patterns including jet, cone, fast fill, fan, mist, fine rose and aerated spray while the new Pro Jet Spray gun can be adjusted from a powerful water jet, for blasting surfaces clean, to a gentle fan spray for watering the garden and its most delicate plants.? Each Pro gun features a lockable variable flow trigger and separate flow control, as well as a 3 year guarantee.

Hozelock stockist enquiries: www.hozelock.com

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