Hozelock launch new Classic Hose Connector

Hozelock ? Britain?s leading watering experts ? have sold over 100 million hose connectors since the original launched in 1989.? With a unique assembly of seven plastic components optimised for their specific properties, the new Classic Hose Connectors now have an even higher quality finish to increase their durability and feature a soft touch grip and bump ring for extra grip.

The core of the connector is made from Dupont? Delrin? Acetal, a plastic material commonly used as a substitute for metal engineering components ? this unique inner core provides added strength and resistance against everyday use and ensures a secure leak proof connection.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Hozelock hose connectors have triple contact points to provide the strongest possible connection.

The seven components of the Classic Hose Connector

  1. Inner core ? manufactured from Dupont? Delrin? Acetal, the tough inner core is made from a material which bridges the gap between plastics and metals.? Resistant to repeated impact, the thermoplastic provides excellent grip for the hose.
  2. Connection grip ? also manufactured from Dupont? Delrin? Acetal with a silicone additive for ease of use, the connection grip has triple contact points for the strongest possible connection.
  3. Hose Tail ? manufactured from tough, but flexible Polypropylene the connection grip includes flexible teeth which are resistant to stress and provide a secure clamp.
  4. Outer sleeve ? manufactured from ABS, the outer sleeve is engineered for impact resistance and strength, and includes a soft touch over-moulding for an enhanced grip.
  5. Hose Nut ? manufactured from tough but flexible Polypropylene the hose tail ensures a secure hose connection.
  6. Water stop valve ? manufactured from ABS for impact resistance and rigidity, the water stop valve makes sure that no more water seeps through once the spray gun is removed.
  7. O ring ? a small but significant part, the O ring is the highest quality component certified to ISO 3601-1 & BS4518

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