Hozelock solves holiday plant-watering worries

British gardening manufacturer, Hozelock, has?launched the perfect home watering solution to?not only give you holiday plant-watering peace?of mind, but help your plants grow to their full?potential.

The new indoor and outdoor plant waterer,?Aquasolo, is a clever ceramic watering cone with?a plastic screw adaptor, which simply screws on?to the top of a plastic bottle. Holiday panics?are no more, and you can relax knowing that
your cherished plants are being cared for while?you are away.

Aquasolo?s patented ceramic system ensures plants are provided with a constantly regulated water supply to
keep carefully tended plants thriving and flowers in bloom. Watering plants for up to 28 days, dependent on the
cone and pot size, Aquasolo can be used to suit all your plant watering needs, creating a worry-free oasis for the
summer holidays.

Easily assembled in just a few minutes, Aquasolo is available two sizes, small and medium. The ceramic watering
cones are compatible with most bottle types from 0.5l to 2l capacity and cater for plant pots up to 40cm in size.
A re-usable reservoir, Aquasolo can also be used to provide hungry blooms with liquid feed and is great for
greenhouse and house plants alike.

Just follow these few simple steps for the perfect watering solution

1. Select the Aquasolo cone according to the size of your pot and choose the bottle size for the required
watering duration.

2. Fill the bottle with tap water, adding liquid feed if required.

3. Screw the bottle onto the cone, with or without the adapter, making a hole in the bottom of the bottle to
ensure a flow of water.

4. Insert the cone into the pot.

Try our other tips to ensure your plants are loved this holiday season:

? Don?t use softened water for your houseplants ? higher salt levels can easily damage your plants.
? Dust your houseplants before you go on holiday. Cleaning leaves with cotton wool and water refreshes plants and allows them to breathe!
? Move plants to a cooler room or away from direct sunlight whilst you?re away.

Aquasolo is the brand new, perfect, holiday watering solution. Once you have given your plant TLC with this innovative product you?re on the way to a stress free holiday! Pack your bags, grab your tickets and off you go!
The Hozelock Aquasolo range is now available to gardeners from DIY stores, leading garden centres and specialist retailers priced RRP: ?4.99. The Aquasolo promotional pack of four retails at RRP: ?14.99. www.hozelock.com

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