Hozelock tunes into 2015 colour trends

British gardening manufacturer Hozelock is fully in tune with 2015 garden colour trends, as it injects excitement into garden watering with a vibrant new product range.

Set to brighten up any garden and expertly designed and made in the UK, the unique Seasons range is the latest and most colourful edition to the innovative Hozelock product portfolio. With a choice of vibrant colours being de regueur, whether for wellies or watering cans, and a rainbow of garden paint shades enhancing the nation?s sheds and fencing, Seasons is set to make a big impact in gardens nationwide. Indeed, online research conducted by Hozelock indicates that over 66% of consumers have purchased a gardening item based on their enthusiasm for a particular colour.

An on-trend gift for Mum or daughter, or a personal treat, Seasons is available in three radiant colours; pink, purple and lime, designed to satisfy every gift wish list. As garden gifts grow ever more popular, The Seasons collection, comprising the PicoTM Reel and Multi-Spray Gun Set with Connector, adds catwalk colour and fun to all outdoor and garden activities throughout the year.

Hozelock Seasons PicoTM Reel

Thanks to Hozelock, bright and beautiful gardening is made easy with this stylish new range of the PicoTM Reel ? designed specifically for gardeners with patios, balconies and smaller garden spaces.

Easily on hand ? The lightweight and compact PicoTM Reel hose system allows you to conveniently water your small garden space with minimal fuss or effort, whether carried or placed by the tap.

10 Metres of Hose ? Complete with 10m of hose, it?s a garden hose providing you with fantastic area coverage for its size. Whether you are watering pots, planters or borders the reel excels in looking after your garden.

Quick and Effective ? The low profile winding handle makes rewinding the hose a breeze, whilst the enclosed design keeps your hosepipe tidy and tangle free. The integrated feeder hose can also be neatly stored away ensuring everything you need is always ready to hand.

Lightweight ? Weighing less than two bags of sugar at 1.9kg*, the PicoTM Reel can be effortlessly maneuvered around the garden. Not forgetting, you can water with maximum comfort due to its sculptured and robust carry handle when carrying the reel.

Store with Ease ? Now is the time to have a clutter free garden! Thanks to its compact size and design the PicoTM Reel can be stored out of sight ? either behind some pots, in your shed or even in a cupboard within your home.

Non Drip ? The PicoTM Reel?s non-drip parking point stops the frustration of dripping water. This allows you to not only store in your shed, garden or garage, but indoors with no risk of wasting water or soaking the storage area.

2 Year Guarantee ? For peace of mind that promises the very best quality.

Complete with a Multi-Spray Gun ? Includes the popular five-function Hozelock Multi-Spray Gun attached to the reel ensuring all your watering needs are met. Fully assembled and ready to go.

Hozelock Seasons Multi-Spray Gun Set with Connector

The Hozelock Seasons Multi-Spray Gun range can also be purchased separately to add a dash of colour to any existing Hozelock hose.

This perfect watering spray gun features five different spray patterns dependent on your plants or cleaning needs:

  1. Powerful jet for cleaning
  2. Fan for rinsing soap off cars
  3. Fast Fill for filling buckets and watering cans
  4. Mist for gently watering seedlings
  5. High definition metal rose for gentle watering

Every spray gun has a lockable rear soft touch trigger allowing water to turn on and off and an easy to use, water efficient flow control.

Complete with a Plus AquaStop Connector ? There is no need for extras! The Hozelock Seasons Multi-Spray Gun range comes complete with a Hozelock AquaStop connector. This connector has an internal valve that stops the water flow when an accessory is disconnected ? stopping you from having to go back to the tap to turn the water off when you are switching between accessories and so helping you save time and water in the garden.

The Hozelock Seasons PicoTM Reel is now available to gardeners at leading garden centres and specialist retailers priced RRP: ?33.99 and the Hozelock Seasons Multi-Spray gun is priced RRP: ?14.99.

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