Hozelock turn up the heat on weeds

Thanks to British gardening manufacturer Hozelock,?there is now a brand new way to eliminate weeds simply
and without using chemicals.

The Green Power Thermal Weeder is the latest gardening?solution from Hozelock, the gardening innovators. Dispensing?with the need to use chemicals, the brand new Green Power?Thermal Weeder provides an ideal alternative solution for?controlling weeds on driveways, paths and patios.

Say goodbye to those invasive weeds as the Green Power Thermal Weeder?delivers a thermal shock (of up to 600?C) to destroy the weed cells in seconds,?leaving the garden immediately safe for children, pets and wild life.

Popular and proven in Europe, the Green Power Thermal Weeder is light and?ergonomically designed, so is a great alternative to the usual back-breaking job of?weed-killing. Requiring no consumables such as gas canisters or chemicals, it is?cost effective and environmentally friendly ? just plug it in and go!

Not only does this new innovation provide precise and targeted treatment, it?heats up in seconds and cools down just as quickly making it quiet, safe and?easy to use.

Carol Wright, Marketing Manager at Hozelock said: ?The Green Power?Thermal Weeder?s rapid heating system makes weeding quick and easy from?the outset. Green Power Thermal Weeder?s intelligent design uses an inbuilt
protective cone to ensure weeds are accurately targeted without damaging?any surrounding greenery ? perfect for organic gardening enthusiasts.?

A real solution for spot weeding, the Green Power Thermal Weeder has many advantages over traditional weed
1. Chemical Free ? no need to keep children and pets away following treatment.
2. No bending ? The upright design allows weeds to be treated without the need to bend down, with a
simple push button start and an ergonomic handle to provide comfortable usability.
3. Precision targeting ? The inbuilt cone allows precision targeting at all times, helping to avoid accidental damage to surrounding plants.
4. Reusable ? It can be used over and over again without the need for costly refills of gas or weed killer.
5. Easily Stored ? Includes a product hook and storage stand allowing the product to be stored away safely and with ease.

The Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder is now available to gardeners from DIY stores, leading garden centres and specialist retailers priced RRP: ?74.99. www.hozelock.com

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