HS Hommers: Pot and Cut trees

Pot & Cut selection to match the best!

?As the Christmas season approaches, HS Hommers are already delivering top quality material to garden centres across the U.K. HS Hommers are one of the few plant suppliers to visit a number of different plantations across Denmark and Belgium each year. This ensures that the quality and appearance of the Christmas Trees they supply is perfect in every way. A mix of both Pot and Cut trees are available for the coming season which enables the nursery to provide either profile of these trees as required. Many clients stick with their preferred choice over a period of several years and this helps HS Hommers to plan ahead and ensure they have the correct volume of material in the pipeline for the Christmas season.


Biggest Independent Trolley Fair extended!

West Midland based H S Hommers are delighted to confirm that their annual Plant Trolley Fair is being extended to three days from 2014.? The dates have been set as Tuesday March 4th ? Thursday March 6th.? This will provide the plant buyer with an option to visit across three days at this premier event.? As the biggest independent trolley fair in the U.K. this has become a ‘must see’ marker in the diary since its launch just after the millenium.

Showing around 250 different trolleys ranging from plugs to specimen palms in 50 ltr pots, this is a very popular event and draws clients from as far afield as? Yorkshire and the West Country.

Tel: 01902 842395. www.hshommers.co.uk

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