HTA launches new training development programmes

The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) has launched two new development programmes for 2021, which will support business development as well as personal development.

Working with industry experts, the HTA has designed the programmes on subjects that will support the industry through the uncertain landscape of 2021, focusing on two areas that have huge potential to support growth and sales, Social Media Marketing and Visual Merchandising.

These year-long development programmes are designed to give end to end support to the delegate and business. Each month there will be a live online training session focusing on different areas within the programme theme. The sessions will be recorded and will be available to the delegates to revisit at their leisure. They will also have dedicated sessions with the trainers, enabling them to ask and discuss specifics about the business. The students will have access to a private Facebook Workplace group, which will enable them to network with other learners, share ideas and ask questions.

Alex Jenkins, HTA learning & development specialist, says: “Staff personal development and retention is as important as ever. We hope this training programmes will allow our members’ businesses to develop in these fields but also enable the delegates to grow with our support.  Normally, after any kind of training you attend you are on your own to implement this. Our programmes are designed to support that implementation, and not only that, to give you the tools for peer to peer critique and expert advice. These programmes support continual growth, that is why they are so unique and special for our industry.”

Full programme details can be found on the HTA HUB.

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