HTA Marketing Forum line-up

The HTA Marketing Forum is designed to help you hear about different ways to make your marketing budgets stretch further. With competing interests on consumer time and cash at an all-time high, it is even more important to ensure your business is promoting itself to its full potential.

This one-day event at Chesford Grange, Warwickshire, is aimed at all those involved in marketing and public relations in the garden industry, no matter what size your business. Based around the topic of ?tools for success,? the forum will provide inspiration and top tips on how to maximise your marketing spend.

Laurens Doesborgh, commercial director of De Haan Group, will discuss how the customer nowadays is more demanding than ever before.

Covering the high and low points through the first year of operating a soft play centre, Boyd Douglas-Davies, CEO of the Hillview Group, will give an entertaining and insightful look into how much they have learnt since opening at Hilltop Garden Centre.

John Ashley of Scotsdales Garden Centre will talk about the hugely successful way in which Scotsdales Garden Centre targets key postcodes, communicating the wide range of products and services on offer.

Edwin Meijer, founder and managing director at Garden Connect, will demonstrate how to create a more personal, mobile and interactive loyalty scheme.

Trevor Pfeiffer, the creator of Garden Radio, will highlight the unique bespoke in-store marketing opportunities that Garden Radio can deliver.

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