HTA: Member support needed for EU proposal amend

The HTA is encouraging members to contact their local MEP and ask for their support in tabling amendments to the EU proposals on plant reproductive material.? The Commission?s draft proposals would have a devastating effect on the ornamentals sector, would damage the economy, restrict consumer choice, and diminish biodiversity and UK national heritage.

Gary Scroby, Policy Manager comments ?Since the proposals were published in May, the HTA and many other stakeholder groups have been lobbying hard to get them changed.? The proposals are currently under the scrutiny of two European Parliament committees (Environment and Agriculture), and MEPs can table draft amendments until 10 and 11 December respectively for debate in early 2014.? Several MEPs have agreed to make our case, but it is important to foster as much support as possible in the European Parliament.?

He adds ?This is not the last opportunity to get the proposals changed as the legislation also needs to be approved by member states in the European Council.? On this front, Defra have been working closely with the HTA and other stakeholder groups to help determine the UK policy lines. ?Defra are in agreement on the key amendments needed to minimise the effect on ornamentals, and the Commission have acknowledged that they are open to re-drafting suggestions.? But support in the European Parliament is also important so we encourage everybody with an interest in gardening to raise the issue with their MEP now.?

Click here for further details on the proposals.

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