HTA welcomes Sunday trading progress

The Horticultural Trades Association has registered its approval regarding possible imminent changes to Sunday trading laws.

An HTA spokesperson said: ?The government?s consultation response published this morning, which quotes the HTA extensively, is in favour of devolving power on Sunday trading laws to local authorities.

?This could allow large shops, including garden centres, to open longer on Sunday. The devolution proposal was added as an amendment to the Enterprise Bill last night to be discussed in Parliament committee over the coming fortnight?.

The reforms would give unitary authorities and metro mayors the power to determine Sunday trading rules that they feel reflect the needs of local people and allow shops and high streets to stay open longer. The government also intends to strengthen and further protect workers? rights to opt out of Sunday working.

Commenting on the issue, HTA Chief Executive Carol Paris said: ?This is a question of choice, both for retailers and consumers. We have worked hard to ensure that the voice of the industry is heard and it is reassuring that the points that we, and individual members have made, have been included in the consultation response.

?It is encouraging that progress is being made towards updating this law which is no longer fit for purpose.?

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