Hughes and Best4hedging team up for RHS Cardiff

Award winning landscape gardener Robert Hughes and online retailer Best4hedging are teaming up to unveil a new dual concept garden at next month?s RHS Cardiff.

The ?Office Box? concept is an urban workable space designed to allow people to work, create and ?think freely? outdoors.

The open-air office feature a hidden fold-out desk, benches and contemporary shelving cubes.

The ordered style is mirrored in the plating and box cube topiary Hughes has created with the expertise of Best4hedging, who supplied the landscaper with the plants for this project.

Hughes said: ?Being outside amongst nature while we work brings clarity and improves our productivity.

?I wanted to create a simple, elegant but exciting workspace that complements and yet contrasts nature.?

Gareth James, nursery manager of Best4hedging said: ?The topiary was one of the most integral parts of Robert?s design.

?He explained the vital role it played in connecting the hard landscaping and architecture to the rest of the garden, so it had to have the right form to achieve the result he was looking for.

?The Buxus topiary cubes used create soft boundaries, blurring the hard lines and soft natural textures to bring it all together as one harmonious space. It?s a great example of how the right topiary and shape can make all the difference.?

The RHS Flower Show in Cardiff takes place on 17-19 April.

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