Hum Flowerpots – A story of innovation

Showcasing British manufacturing and innovation, this new product has made a vivid impression on the garden, gift and home retail sector. Hum Flowerpots are unlike anything else on the market, with their contemporary graphic designs and bright colours. Made in the UK, from frost- and fade-resistant plastic, they are a great way to brighten up a dull patio, and are now selling across the UK and Europe.

Now, with the creation of a new, automated production line for 2016, the potential for this exciting new product is huge. Increased capacity and reduced costs now enable high volume production runs for larger customers. The ability to bring out new collections of patterns through the year, and to produce bespoke patterns (in high volume) gives the product a commercial advantage.

As with any new product, presentation is key, and a new point of sale display stand has been developed for Hum Flowerpots, alongside some stunning new product photography. The company is based in Warwickshire and production and design all takes place in the Midlands, making this a very British venture.

How it all began

Hum was established two years ago by a Warwickshire couple who decided to launch a new venture. They spotted a gap in the market for contemporary garden pots decorated with graphic patterns, having frequently moved house and revamped a string of gardens, patios and doorsteps along the way. Having already been thinking about setting up a new venture, they embarked on an exhilarating journey to develop their first product. Working with British designers and manufacturers, they have rapidly built up sales in the UK, Ireland and Europe since launch.

?The positive response to our products has given us confidence in the Hum brand and we have just scaled up the business with a new, automated production line in the West Midlands. It?s always been important to us that our pots are made in Britain,? says co-founder Lara Kelly (above). The couple?s own investment in the project has also been given a boost by a Micro Enterprise Grant from Warwickshire County Council. The automation of production enables this small but dynamic company to fulfil larger orders and increase exports, as well as quickly turning around new patterns.

Vital statistics

Hum Flowerpots are:
– made in Britain

– one size: 22cm tall (further sizes are planned)

– made of polypropylene

– outdoor as well as indoor

– have no drainage holes (they have indentations for drilling)

– RRP ??10 each

– Available from our website at ?


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