Hydrogarden forges lighting partnership with Plessey

HydroGarden, the UK?s leading hydroponics specialist, has made a bid to capitalise on the emerging LED lighting market by agreeing a distribution partnership with solid state lighting manufacturer, Plessey.

The new partnership will offer HydroGarden an additional route into the growing hydroponics and horticultural lighting sector, as well as enabling Plessey to benefit from HydroGarden?s established relationships with customers nationwide.

The announcement follows Plessey?s recent research project, which found its high power Hyperion 1000 and Hyperion 1600 LED units to deliver greater returns for commercial growers and a 40% energy saving compared to equivalent 600W and 1000W sodium grow lights.

The new partnership came into effect on 1st March 2017, and means customers can now order Plessey?s full range of Horticultural LED grow lights through HydroGarden?s distribution network, for dispatch in June.

Jonathan Aldridge, managing director at HydroGarden, said: ?The LED lighting market is an emerging one and it?s exciting for us to be spearheading the introduction of new technology through our partnership with Plessey. The levels of product innovation and expertise Plessey has at its disposal will be a huge asset to hydroponics users throughout the UK and we can?t wait to play our part in helping them to achieve some really impressive results.?

Jonathan Barton, director of Growlights for Plessey, said: ?We view HydroGarden?s extensive distribution network as an extremely important channel for us, and we are delighted that HydroGarden will be offering our Hyperion 1000 and Hyperion 1600 LED grow light products to its hydroponics and horticultural lighting customers.

?The Hyperion units can be used to add or replace existing installations on the existing greenhouse trellis and provide a variety of spectrums to enhance yield, quality and consistency. HydroGarden is now our key partner in spearheading the commercialisation of the Hyperion grow light.?

For more information on HydroGarden, visit www.hydrogarden.com, and to find out more about Plessey?s range of LED lighting solutions, visit www.plesseysemiconductors.com.

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