HydroGarden in Home of Honest Coffee venture

Artisan coffee shop, Home of Honest Coffee, in the city of Salford, has taken another step towards sustainability following the installation by Refarming Ltd & Co-operative and Mutual Solutions of one of HydroGarden?s VydroFarm vertical hydroponic systems. The system will be used to grow salad greens and herbs for use in its on-site kitchen.

Founder of Refarming Ltd, Jules Bagnoli, will be using the newly-installed VydroFarm to carry out training with ex-offenders during their rehabilitation process, so they are able to generate an income.

VydroFarm is the latest innovation from the hydroponics manufacturer, HydroGarden, based in Coventry. Each VydroFarm features vertical racks on tracks and is fully scalable, making them equally suitable for small scale production or for commercial growers requiring a large scale solution.

Speaking about the project, Jules Bagnoli said: ?The ultra-low energy VydroFarm helps us grow locally. It?s the first commercially available, plug-and-play hydroponic farm that runs off the same electricity as a small domestic appliance. Bringing food production closer to the kitchen at Home of Honest Coffee will help them to give back to the community and serve even fresher, tasty and nutritious food. It?s also providing business start-ups for ex-offenders to get their lives back on track.?

For more information, please visit: www.hydrogarden.co.uk and www.vydrofarm.co.uk

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