Hydroponic allotments mean green fingered homeowners don?t need lots of space

Horticulturists that find themselves limited by their outdoor space can still get a gardening fix thanks to an in-home allotment that allows them to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices all year round. groLOCAL?s hydroponic offering to homeowners means they can get their green fingered fix with a space saving solution that can be operated within a kitchen, utility room, or garage.

Millions of Brits love growing plants in their garden and cultivating fruits and vegetables to add some home-grown flavour to dishes is becoming increasingly popular. But whether limited by space or the weather, it?s not always possible to grow the produce needed in the UK. The groSTORE is designed for homeowners that enjoy the act of growing food and being more self-sustainable all year round. Thanks to the product utilising the hydroponic farming method, homeowners can experience the joy of gardening and allotments in the comfort of their own home.

David Charitos, managing partner of groLOCAL, said: ?Britain is a nation of gardeners but with outdoor spaces becoming smaller and many living in flats, it?s impossible for some people to enjoy their hobby. An in-home allotment that takes up little space could be the perfect the solution for green fingered homeowners. It gives everyone the chance to enjoy growing their own produce.?

The groSTORE is a hydroponic system, allowing homeowners to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and micro greens all year round without needing to use soil. The method means it?s possible to grow in a variety of areas, including urban locations and indoors. The groSTORE in-home allotment has been designed with space in mind, taking up less than a metre square of space, unlike greenhouses and or vegetable patches. The design means the hydroponic farm can fit seamlessly into a home environment. The product is simple to use too, homeowners simple need to plug in the hydroponic farm before they get started growing their own fresh produce.

To find out more visit grolocal.co.uk/.

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