IKO shingles protecting your garden buildings

IKO PLC?s Armourshield ?and Armourglass Roofing Shingles will be on display later this month at the Mid Somerset Show in Shepton, Somerset through shed and garden building supplier, Nature?s Finest.

The aesthetic lightweight shingles have inherent strength as they incorporate extremely strong glass fibre woven into a layer of bitumen strip slates. This makes the product not only highly waterproof, but also difficult to dislodge during strong winds.

The hexagonal shaped Armourshield and square butt Armourglass shingles are particularly suited for the roofs of garden sheds, stables, summer houses, beach huts and sports pavilions.? They will add visual appeal to any domestic or commercial, habitable or recreational building with a roof pitch from 15o to vertical and are available in either Red, Green, Brown, Grey or Black.

Robert Millard of Nature?s Finest said, ?We use IKO products exclusively for our roof coverings. This is due to their ease of use, reliability, uniformity of colour and most importantly, robustness and longevity. We have looked at others but found IKO products to be not only the best looking but when weighed against others, we find that they are a lot better value.?

?When we deliver and assemble our sheds for a customer we only want to do the job once, and to date we have never had to go back to a customer?s shed to replace a roof covering made by IKO.?

IKO Roofing Shingles are easy to install and are therefore ideal for both DIY enthusiasts as well as professional installers.? To view IKO?s installation video, visit http://www.ikogroup.co.uk/Products/DIY-Roofing/Felt-Roof-Tiles-(Shingles)/

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