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In this week?s edition of Concession News,?First Franchise?look at how garden centres can increase their revenue through the introduction of coin operated attractions and provide the next ?generation of gardeners? with a welcome distraction during their visit.

Garden centres have often been regarded as THE place for the family to visit.? The day out experience that they offer is unlike any other retail experience and offers customers of all generations the opportunity to spend time, together.

As a result, garden centre owners are increasingly looking to introduce more activities and interests for children as they look to encourage family excursions to their sites.

In trying to encourage younger families to visit garden centres, they have introduced a number of new initiatives that can assist them including, adventure playgrounds, nature walks and children?s play areas in the restaurant.

As garden centres are renowned for providing a dwell time which enables customers to spend the day on site, the ?gardeners of tomorrow? can become a little restless in this time and as a result, parents are grateful for any means to entertain their kids.

To assist with the family orientated experience that garden centres offer, owners have been introducing additional, direct revenue driving initiatives through coin operated machines and attractions which enable garden centre owners to maximise revenues from high dwell time areas within the site.

Kiddie Rides have been in garden centres for a long time, having proved to be an excellent additional income stream and an excellent way to amuse children when on site.? Often found behind the checkouts or within the restaurants, the Kiddie Rides are a proven addition.

Sean Fairnell from Photo Me International plc the world?s largest coin operated machine provider, comments on garden centres ?We have been working with garden centre owners for some time as we believe that they are a developing retail sector.? We have seen an increasing amount of young families visit the sites where our rides are placed and this increasing footfall has increased the use of our rides on site.?

Photo Me International has an excellent stock of licensed rides featuring recognisable children?s characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Noddy.? With volume controls of the rides, a 48 hour maintenance response commitment and regular cash collections, Photo Me ensure that the onsite operation is run as effectively as possible and there is limited involvement or distraction for the site staff.

In addition to Kiddie Rides, with the increased popularity of garden centre restaurants, customers like to be able to offer the kids something to distract them whilst they enjoy a relaxed tea or coffee.

As a result, VP Solutions (UK) Ltd are providing TOMY vending machines, which offer toy collectables via a capsule machine, providing a toy with lunch, in addition to the pester power of a potential repeat visit.

With a number of machine formats available to suit the space, TOMY can provide machines filled with licensed products which are regularly updated.? The collectables they offer are easily vended and the machines rarely break down and do not require any power.

Jonathan Simpson, Director of VP Solutions, comments ?Garden centres are an ideal place for our machines to be sited thanks to the excellent dwell times and customer base that they attract.? We have received a good response from the sites we have started with and believe that there is a good opportunity for garden centre owners to introduce a new revenue initiative to their site.?

These rides and machines are provided free of charge, and regularly checked and maintained.? A commission is payable to the site each time a purchase is complete and the cash is securely counted and sent to the garden centres, to ensure a regular income throughout the year.

Simon Allison, Sales & Marketing Manager for Promotional Space Ltd added ?Kiddie Rides and Toy Vending machines are an excellent way of garden centres generating revenue whilst providing an excellent service to their customers.? Anything that can help keep the children occupied and assist with their enjoyment of the visit will ultimately improve the experience for all the customers and encourage them to call? again.?

As garden centres continue to develop and look to engage the younger families to create a family, day out destination, garden centres can use these initiatives, alongside other initiatives featured in ?Concession News? (such as the Ice Rinks at Christmas), to generate new footfall and capitalise on the sought after 30+, family demographic.

For more information on opportunities to drive revenue and increase footfalls contact 01737 735041,

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