Increase in demand for winter fuel from garden centres

As consumers look to lower heating bills by installing multi-fuel stoves in their homes, Yorkshire based manufacturer of quality UK sourced aggregates and solid fuels, Deco-Pak, is urging more garden centres to make the most of an increase in demand for wood, coal and eco-blocks.

With electricity and gas prices higher than ever before, the UK has seen a huge increase in domestic expenditure on solid fuels – up 10.5 per cent from 2012 to 2013*.

The figures are evidence of the trend for using multi-fuel stoves and woodburners to supplement heating bills, and presents an even greater opportunity for garden centres, says Deco Pak?s General Manager (former All in One Garden Centre Managing Director) Rod Slater:

?My experience of winter trading in the garden centre is that it can be extremely challenging.? Either side of the Christmas period, the caf? usually becomes the most profitable area of the business. However, we are now finding that consumers are looking to their local garden centre as a supplier of essential, seasonal products and not just plants and gifts.?

Deco-Pak?s own range of solid fuel, ?Heat Wave?, includes Solid House Coal, (HEATAS approved) Smokeless Coal, Traditional Logs (soft and Hardwood), Eco Blocks, kindling and firelighters.? Vibrant point of sale is available for all products, delivered in attractive pre-packed pallet merchandisers.

Deco-Pak is doing its bit to make winter fuels more attractive to the retailer.? Any Deco-Pak Heat Wave coal bought through the supplier that isn?t sold by the end of the season will be replaced, pack for pack, with summer fuels come springtime, and vice-versa at the end of the summer.

?We are confident that this offer will appeal to garden centres, as it means that seasonal products aren?t putting a strain on storage areas and ultimately cash flow. We bag our aggregates and winter fuels ourselves, so can further guarantee fresh packaging and POS.?

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To learn more about Deco-Pak?s profit boosting ?sale or swap? pallet displays, you can contact them by telephone – 01422 204394, fax – 01422 204544, or email via the ?contact us? form on their newly relaunched web site,

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