Container Centralen intends to introduce the new CC Solid

On June 16th, CC stated its intention to introduce two new shelves for the CC Container, these being the CC Solid and the CC Air. Over the last few months we have been talking intensively with many of our customers about the new shelves and the proposed introduction program.

The introduction of a new item in an existing pool of containers is complicated. Many customers and users of the CC Pool think the initially proposed program has too many operational and financial challenges.

Based on the feedback from the market CC has decided to develop a new introduction program. Alongside the development of the new introduction program for the CC Solid, CC will search for a solution on how to support and service the wooden shelves.

The CC Container has become the standard load carrier for the European horticultural sector, allowing participants to exchange their containers anywhere in the supply chain. Participants know the containers are accepted and that they do not need to retrieve them at the same location; making shipping plants to almost any destination in Europe possible.

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