Introducing Dansand NO GROW

Your customers love weed-free patios, driveways and paths, so they’ll love Dansand NO GROW. 

Dansand NO GROW is a joint filling sand infused with minerals to create desert like conditions by raising the pH value to naturally inhibit weeds. It’s simple to use and effective at preventing weed growth for up to 10 years, allowing paved areas to stay attractive for longer.

A great addition to your landscaping range, it will appeal to customers either repairing paved areas or working on new projects. It’s especially attractive to those responsible for keeping areas weed-free and should become a regular purchase in Spring when people clean outdoor spaces.

Available in 20kg bags in three varieties: Dansand NO GROW Natural Jointing, Granite Jointing and Top Lock. Natural Jointing is buff coloured and ideal for narrow joints (up to 3mm). Granite Jointing is better for wider joints (up to 10mm) and complements slate coloured pavers. Top Lock is also buff coloured, although hardens to lock your paving stones in place, whilst still allowing water to drain freely.  All products deter weeds and insects, and are environmentally friendly.

Dansand NO GROW is supplied on pallets of 49 bags with free point of sale and product leaflets. Staff product training is also provided and there are no stock issues, so delivery will be prompt.

Application instructions can be found here:

Dansand NO GROW is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Active Products Limited, who wholesale landscape and automotive products, plus an extensive range of torches through national retailers and leading independent chains. 

The landscape range includes heavy duty Gabion cages, sleeper fixing brackets, base grids to retain aggregates (ideal for creating paths and foundations on which to sit garden sheds/offices) and lawn edging.  These products can easily be listed on our customers’ retail websites with orders dropped-shipped direct to customers. 

In addition, Active Products can source promotional merchandise, fill gaps in product ranges and provide new products to refresh seasonal best sellers.

Please contact your local agent or call the national sales enquiry line on 01371 872 842.  Further products, see

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