Invite garden insects to the new luxury hotel from Wildlife World

Wildlife World has introduced the ultimate attraction for beneficial garden insects with its new luxurious Nine Room Insect Hotel.

The new boutique hotel offers all species of garden insects a choice of accommodation that is safe and beneficial, whilst guaranteeing gardeners repeat business throughout the year.

Offering many different-style rooms, including the Dark Bark Snug, Pine Needle Den and Cone Zone, the Nine Room Insect Hotel is truly suitable for all garden insect species. The multi-use habitat also offers drilled cane nesting tubes for solitary bees, and cosy mini logs with drilled hiding holes for smaller insects to offer a predator-safe habitat.

The hotel?s lower levels are protected by a wildlife-friendly wired mesh which can be removed and replaced to allow gardeners to access the rooms. With this handy feature, gardeners can personalise the loose-filled hotel rooms with natural garden objects such as cut straw, hay, twigs or leaves which will not only keep the habitats fresh but broaden the attraction for bees, beneficial insects and invertebrates.

Norman Sellars, Managing Director and creator of Wildlife World commented, ?This Nine Room Insect Hotel is one of our latest additions and quite possibly one of the finest. Its ability to invite and accommodate a wide range of beneficial insects into gardens is a great advantage to gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts. With this attractive hotel, we are sure that people will see more visitors to their gardens and this is not only a great way to encourage this but also makes a delightful addition to gardens of any size or design.?

Designed by Wildlife World?s in-house specialists, the Nine Room Insect Hotel reflects the company?s commitment to the conservation of all wildlife species and, like its entire product range, is created only using sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials. The exterior of the hotel is made from sustainably-sourced FSC certified timber and is finished in a water-based pale green paint. These materials are specially sourced and used by Wildlife World as they do not expose the insects to any harmful or toxic chemicals that can be found in other types of paints and sealants.

The hotel, which stands about one foot tall, can either be hung against a flat surface, such as a sheltered wall or fence, using the two hanging hooks, or it may be positioned on a flat surface, for example a wall-top or window ledge. This ensures that gardeners can easily position the hotel in a space that they can easily observe the visiting insects whilst ensuring it is out of reach from cats, dogs or foxes.



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