Is your website GDPR compliant for 2019?

Garden Connect can help

Do you want to make sure your website, webshop and e-mail marketing is GDPR compliant? Garden Connect is offering an audit of your online presence to make sure you comply to the legislation.

Sjors Hemmen, business developer of Garden Connect, explains the topics covered in the audit: ?For most garden centres GDPR is a hassle. We?re managing over 300 garden centres across Europe within the garden industry so we have a clear overview what centres should and shouldn?t do to comply with the GDPR.?

GDPRGarden Connect has shown best practices during its webinars and the HTA seminar. ?We will run some more webinars the upcoming weeks which can be found on our website. Based on these best practices we can show you what you should change on your website to comply.?

The audit is free of charge for garden centres in the UK and Ireland and you can apply for it via the Garden Connect website. Apart from the GDPR, other topics are covered as well including:

  • Status of your technique
  • Website speed
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Content review
  • And much more

The audit is a useful way to get insight in improvements of your website so be sure to request it here.


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