J. Arthur Bower unveils re-brand and new composts

Following?a major re-brand for Sinclair Horticulture?s flagship J. Arthur Bower?s range, consumers will now?be greeted with the message ‘Grow your passion?.

The words adorn over 80 completely new packs ? including a new SuperFyba enhanced, peat-reduced multi-purpose?compost ? all of which also feature new layouts, colourways, graphics and big, highly evocative images.

A single beautifully shot image covers almost the entire front and sides of every pack. In the foreground is a specimen?plant or crop, often cupped proudly in a pair of the grower?s hands which seem to be reaching out of the pack to offer?it to the viewer. Each of the glossy, full colour pack images is different but they all project the same sense of pride and?achievement which is intended to resonate with knowledgeable gardeners.

And they work. Sinclair?s researchers showed the new packs to hundreds of gardeners representing their target profile?and when viewed alongside all their competitors? packs, as well as the old Sinclair packs, 48% of knowledgeable gardeners?chose the new J. Arthur Bower?s pack as their intended purchase (the next highest score was 17%).

New peat and peat-reduced composts

The company is backing up a ?550,000 re-branding investment with major new product launches ? including 20L and?50L J. Arthur Bower’s Masterblend? 100% peat traditional universal compost (?4.99 and ?5.99) and an improved recipe?50% peat J. Arthur Bower?s Multi-purpose Compost containing 10% organic compost and 40% enriched SuperFyba,?Sinclair?s unique new high performance peat substitute made from composted wood. Also new is a ?1.99 2L one-pot?bag of J. Arthur Bower?s Multi-purpose Compost which retailers can elect to use as a free sample.

Sinclair is confident that the new products will help gardeners to achieve their maximum potential. Marketing director,?Simon McArdle said:

?Effectively we are re-launching our premium product range so as to engage more directly with experienced gardeners?who are looking to improve every part of their garden. J. Arthur Bower?s has always been the compost of choice for?knowledgeable gardeners who could get good results with any growing medium but our trials show that our new?multi-purpose compost gives exceptional results with a wide variety of plants and delivers a little extra assurance?because of the top-quality ingredients and the know-how that comes from over 100 years of experience.

?We will be reinforcing our commitment to passionate gardeners through our new brand positioning, advertising, PR,?social media activity, website, point-of-sale material and everything else we do to engage with this committed and big spending?audience so that they can easily identify our offering at the point of sale.

?We are looking forward to what promises to be a year of great growth for our rejuvenated J. Arthur Bowers range.?

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