James Wong outlines gardening tips for Fiskars

Fiskars is delighted to be working with James Wong, providing gardeners with all the know-how they need to make gardening a breeze. Below are four simple tips and tricks from James Wong to help you get the most out of your garden.

  1. Pruning

Almost anything that grows benefits from pruning. Want supersweet apples? A light pruning of fruit trees in summer lets in more light to the developing crop. Trials have shown that this can make them measurably sweeter, double their antioxidant content and intensify their colour. Twice the nutrition for five mins of snipping. What’s not to like?

“Fiskars super-ergonomic PowerGear? pruners have a rolling handle mechanism that makes pruning a breeze. If James Bond had pruners, it’d be these.”

  1. Lopping

Lopping triggers the production of plant growth hormones, which can supercharge the vigour of old or ailing shrubs and trees, helping to rejuvenate plants. Think about it as botanical HRT. Amazing!

“With the (frankly ridiculous) reach of Fiskars Tree Pruners, no branch is too high.”

  1. Weed Pulling

A close relative of trendy radicchio, dandelion leaves are a spring time delicacy across the Mediterranean, from? France to Italy. Containing 7x the antioxidants of lettuce, this gourmet green is so easy to grow it literally plants itself. A free farmers market on your doorstep? Boom!

“The steel claws of the Fiskars Weed Puller reach down deep so you don’t have to. So don’t waste your weeding, use your dandelion leaves.”

  1. Digging

Research has shown that planting trees in square (NOT round) holes leads to much faster establishment and long term health. This works as the pointed corners of the square help direct roots outwards to colonise the surrounding soil much faster, instead of spiralling round and round the trunk.

“Fiskars samurai-sharp digging spade slices through soil in an instant, even through heavy clay. Extra long, ?ber lightweight handles create the perfect fulcrum to make digging easier. Frankly NASA couldn’t design a better digging tool.”

James Wong is the new brand ambassador for Fiskars’ garden hand tools campaign, which is designed to revolutionise gardening and inspire a new generation to get outdoors.

Follow James Wong @Botonygeek and read his blog Homegrown Revolution.

Fiskars garden tools are available nationwide in DIY stores, hardware stores, garden centres and online.

W: www.fiskars.com. E: ukinfo@fiskars.com. T: 0121 7960444

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