James Wongs ‘Grow For Flavour Plants’ – In Stores Soon!

Suttons Seeds?will be delivering their new James Wong’s ‘Grow For Flavour’ plants into stores at the end of April.

The ‘Grow For Flavour’ range?has been produced by?Suttons?together with James Wong to coincide with his new book.

James Wong’s ‘Grow For?Flavour’ book?details to?all?the food and gardening lovers out there the best possible way to score better-tasting harvests no matter who you are or where you may live.

With hints and tips on?growing and cooking (with some surprises along the way!) this is the modern guide to maximum flavour with minimum effort!

The retail plant range will include:

Sweet Corn?F1 ‘Mirai White’

Pure white form, with an almost pavlova-like creaminess

Superior ability to soldier on through cold, wet soils.

Chilli Pepper ‘Chilaca’

Dark brown, almost black fleshed?Mexican type

Used for?chilli sauce and stews

Can be dried and smoked and then is known as a pasilla, meaning little raisin

Chilli Pepper ‘Serrano’

Jalape?o?s badass little brother

Gives a similar bright, biting flavour but with a ton more heat

Usually eaten raw, its thick, crisp flesh adds an amazing crunch to guacamole and salsas

Tomato ‘Rosella’

A unique rose-pink cherry tomato with a bold, fruity flavour

Intensely sugary, it has a distinct raspberry/blackberry jamminess that is rounded off by a fresh herbal, mint-like edge

So sweet it is genuinely almost more of a dessert fruit than a vegetable.

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