Jekka McVicar’s native herbs being favoured in the UK

Johnsons reports that many of the most popular herb seeds in the Jekka?s Herbs sub-range that launched in conjunction with Jekka McVicar last season are British natives, with the top three being borage, chives and white-flowering borage. The star-like, bee-attractant flowers of borage compliment summer drinks and salads, or they can be crystallised for cake decorations, while the young leaves are also good in salads.

Jekka commented “With the surge in foraging and raw food, it is great to know that one can actually grow traditional, wild, country, culinary herbs from seed, rather than to have to go foraging in the countryside. For example, salad burnet is highly original as it is a soft-leaved evergreen, which means one can pick the new shoots all year round. The leaves have a nutty, cucumber flavour, lovely in many forms of salads or with egg and fish dishes. Another, wild strawberry, is a great favourite with children and adults alike, and the leaves make a delicious tea when picked young and tender”.

Jekka selected her range of 47 species and varieties of herbs carefully, and was sure to include both well known ?classics? and also some more unusual names. Many are suitable for growing to maturity in pots, making them ideal for herb enthusiasts with very small gardens or even just a balcony. The range is offered in large-format packets, featuring Jekka’s own varietal photography on the front and her personal sowing, growing and usage advice on the reverse.

Johnsons range of seeds is available from garden centres, supermarkets and leading DIY stores throughout the UK.

To view Jekka?s range of seeds, visit:

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