From the brand that brings you colourful, attractive and durable gardening gloves – Joe’s, comes the launch of their new Com-Pots; a sustainable alternative to plastic planters.

Joe?s Com-Pots are a 100% natural alternative to plastic.? Joe?s takes natural plant fibres such as bamboo, rice husk, wheat straw, wood/bamboo dust, peanut shell, corncob and corn stalks and turns them into stunning plant pots for indoor and outdoor use.

Available in Joe?s brand funky colours of lime, orange and pink. Com-Pots last for up to 3 years indoors and 2 years outside. And when you?re done just plant them in your garden and they will totally biodegrade and help fertilise the soil.

Young entrepreneur Joseph Page, the green fingers behind Joe?s Garden Company commented:

?We are overwhelmed with the success of our range of gloves.? We now have fans across the globe and we will continue to grow our colourful brand to bring enjoyment to our customers.?

This year Joe?s will be building on their format of simple but strong colourful visual merchandising by introducing Com-Pots to the range, UNIQUE to the UK garden market.


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