Johnsons Lawn Seed ?Campaign for Quality?: size matters

As part of its ongoing ?campaign for quality? Johnsons Lawn Seed is challenging retailers to question not just the quality of the product, but also the quantity of lawn seed that they receive in every box from their supplier.

In a trend that started in our supermarkets and is now shaping much of the wider UK retail market, it has become apparent that many suppliers are reducing the overall content of their product.? Total weights are being reduced whilst packaging continues to increase in size to give the illusion of added value, however prices are remaining static.? This means that many retailers are being short-changed by this trend, with consumers also feeling the impact in their pocket as the value for money decreases.

Guy Jenkins from the UK?s largest grass seed producer, DLF ? makers of the market-leading Johnsons Lawn Seed brand, said: ?We are notoriously a nation that likes to feel as though we are getting more for our money, often making purchasing decisions based on added-extras or multi-buy deals. However, many lawn seed suppliers are using this against the consumer and retailer, as in many cases the product ? both before and after promotion – still weighs less than it once did. As a result, consumers are going to feel short-changed when their purchase fails to go further than expected.? This then compounds the sense of dissatisfaction that they may also feel if they are unlucky enough to purchase the low-grade lawn seed blends that many suppliers are presently bringing to market. The knock-on effect to retailers will be a decreased consumer confidence, which will ultimately lead to fewer sales.?

Guy continued: ?Through talking with our retail customers ? in particular one of the UK?s fastest growing retailers – it has come as no surprise that those which focus on looking after their customers by refusing to downsize quantities, and recognise that value for money and quality are not mutually exclusive, maintain higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. I therefore urge retailers to work closely with their supply chain to ensure that quality and quantity expectations are maintained to ensure the long-term future of our business and industry reputation.?

All of Johnsons Lawn Seed products have been packaged so that each box services the increasing scale of the average lawn size, ranging from 10m2 to 200m2. The brand website ? – also features a special tool designed to help consumers calculate how much seed they need for either overseeding or new lawn creation. By answering three simple on-box questions, end-users are able to see exactly how much seed is required across Johnsons? full product portfolio, meaning every single lawn seed and every penny spent is managed and delivers the best possible ROI.

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