Johnsons Lawn Seed launches a ?campaign for quality?

Call for market-wide halt on the trend to bulk out lawn seed blends with low grade seeds

As the leading lawn seed brand Johnsons Lawn Seed understands the importance of protecting the reputation of this product sector.? However a combination of lack of consumer understanding and a market that is becoming more price driven, has seen some suppliers cut corners with substandard seed products reaching stores.? Armed with this knowledge, Johnsons Lawn Seed is calling for this to stop ? now is the time to campaign for quality!

Guy Jenkins from DLF Trifolium, explains.? He said: ?Consumers deserve quality, and lawn seed should not be exempt from this. Some suppliers however are taking advantage of pricing sensitivities and the fact that many consumers do not necessarily understand the differences between lawn seed types and their characteristics. As a result we have heard of several cases of agricultural grasses, including annual ryegrass, being used in domestic blends.? This will not only result in poor quality lawn but can lead to long-term lack of consumer confidence in lawn seed products.? There is no doubt that this can have a negative impact on all suppliers, no matter the quality they offer.?

Quality no matter what

Johnsons Lawn Seed prides itself on delivering quality time after time.? Every product offered by Johnsons Lawn Seed – in fact every grain of lawn seed – has been rigorously tested and is the result of millions of pounds, and years of research and development by Johnsons Lawn Seeds? parent company, DLF Trifolium.

Guy Jenkins added: ?Quality is key to our business, and is a driving force behind everything we do.? We believe in offering consistent quality year after year.? Reliable quality leads to brand loyalty amongst customers, giving retailers the opportunity to tap into repeat business and confidence with their suppliers.

?Another key aspect is ensuring that consumers are armed with as much information as possible.? At Johnsons Lawn Seed we offer a comprehensive array of information regarding lawn creation and maintenance ? from top tips on sowing and choosing the right seed for individual lawn needs, to combating disease and weeds and ongoing maintenance to ensure every lawn is looking as good as it can.? All this information can be obtained easily, from our website through to instore merchandising support and informative packaging.?

Guy concludes by saying: ?As we look ahead to the 2015 season we are calling for all suppliers to consider the long-term impact that bulking out lawn seed mixes with low grade seed can have on the long-term success of their business, as well as the wider market.? It is our responsibility to ensure the future of our industry, and will be doing everything in our power to ensure that our offering is consistent and of the highest possible quality both now and into the future.?

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