Johnsons builds on successful rebrand with new ideas for 2017

Following its well-received re-branding for the 2016 season, ?Johnsons is building on the success of the fresh, bright design introduced across all packets and point-of-sale material for the 2017 retail seed selling season.

Among its marketing innovations is an attractive Create your own Cottage Garden counter-top display unit offering 12 annual and perennial flower varieties perfect for designing old-fashioned, nostalgic gardens with a professional feel; they will appeal to keen gardeners and impulse purchasers alike.

Enthusiastic vegetable gardeners are sure to notice the introduction of onion Exhibition, displayed in its own compact counter unit. This ?remarkably similar descendant of The Kelsae is a first-rate substitute while seed of its progenitor remains in short supply; its keen pricing (?2.99 for 100 seeds) will be appreciated by potential exhibitors.

Johnsons Little Gardeners

Johnsons Little Gardeners range is already a success story with retailers – and to make it even more appealing to consumers a new wooden stand has been devised on which to display the entire range. The new-look unit has bright graphics, making it really impactful and sure to attract attention from parents and grandparents. The new display is available to all retailers ordering the full Little Gardeners range.

Among many new seed introductions for 2017 are three exclusive flowers, including nasturtium Whirylbird Tangerine and striped Cosmos Rosetta, and four exclusive vegetables, including super-sweet squash Coquina Inca Gold F1 and very early leek Warwick F1.

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