Joy of Plants launches plugin linking to ecommerce platform

A plant information company has this month launched a plugin to make its library of plant photos and information available on industry webshop platform WooCommerce.

Joy of Plants has images and descriptions for more than 14,800 UK plants and retailers can add the plugin to instantly populate their WooCommerce online shops to help make and improve online sales. 

Terri Jones, managing director of Joy of Plants in Twyford, explains: “During the COVID-19 lockdowns this year, we were able to help garden centres set up online stores and/or click & collect systems, which have been extremely popular.

“They were a huge help to many of their customers, especially the elderly and vulnerable, who appreciated this new level of service and it’s been very lucrative for sellers too. We predict that the popularity of webshops and click&collect services will continue to rise through 2021.

“We realised we could make the process of creating and updating webshops easy and quick for retailers by developing a solution that allows an online shop to use our photo and text library. As we all know, pictures sell plants.

“Our WooCommerce plugin, for the industry’s favourite webshop platform, is quick to install from the official WordPress plugin directory and easy to use. Even non-technical staff can set it up. We manage the indexing and copyright control of all images supplied via our library. Retailers can use them with confidence, knowing they have the right image for each plant and that they have permission to use each image, so there’s no danger of copyright infringement or unexpected fees for use of images.

“This plugin is the latest innovation in our services for webshops and websites, as we now support retailers using WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify and Bluepark ecommerce platforms with our library.

“In addition to adding images and text to the individual pages, the plugin can be used to add our plant finder to the site, seamlessly linking to the pages to provide a plantfinding front end, additional plant descriptions, and care product recommendations for individual plants, to increase sales of sundries as well.”

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