‘Joy of Plants’ launches “Pay As You Go” Bed Cards

Joy of Plants is launching a “Pay As You Go” version of its Print Your Own Bed Cards service at Four Oaks on September 6th 2016. Retailers can maximise plant sales by quickly and easily printing bed cards whenever they need them, from the ‘Joy of Plants’ library of over 13,000 UK plants.
Clients simply register online: upload their logo, choose their colours, and pick from the selection of templates. Then print what they need, and Pay As You Go (no annual fee). Standard sizes for ‘Joy of Plants’ bed cards are 8×6, A5 and A4 to suit label tracking and bed card frames. There are 13,000+ UK plants available in the library (and retailers can even add plants or tailor the information, should they ever need to).
Watch the 3 minute demo at https://youtu.be/8h412bGi2mw (or tinyurl.com/joyofbedcards) Or register at hub.joyofplants.com

Current Licensees

Current Garden Centres using the ‘Joy of Plants’ bed card printing service include Aylett Nurseries in Hertfordshire, Barton Grange in Lancashire, The Old Railway Line in Powys, Garsons in Surrey, Perrywood in Essex, Pennells in Lincolnshire, among many other centres both large and small. We are proud to count 10 of the top 30 garden centres as our clients (from Horticulture Week’s Top 100 Garden Centres 2016).

“Garsons were searching for a solution to our bed cards. We were delighted when ‘Joy of Plants’ bed cards became available. The system is very simple to use. In the first few weeks we produced over 750 A5 plant information cards ? and new plants are being added all the time. I would highly recommend this package to other garden centres and nurseries.” Ben Thompson, Garsons Garden Centre, Surrey

Terri Jones, Managing Director of Joy of Plants, says”Using our bed cards retailers can maximise their plant sales, minimise staff time spent answering simple customer questions, and help customers find the right plants to buy. Bed cards are the “Silent Sales Force”, reassuring a potential buyer that it’s the right plant, or moving them on to other plants instead.

“Our bed card printing tool has been extremely popular since its original launch in 2014. With the “Pay As You Go” option we are now making it available to many more retailers – those who need bed cards in smaller quantities, or for whom an annual subscription service is unsuitable, plus of course anyone who just wants to try the service.”

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