Keeping your garden centre on trend in a digital era

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As garden retail endures to thrive, the future of the trade looks promising. Matthew Mein, Glee Event Director, said: “The market is reporting a strong start to the season, with sales up 37% year-on-year. As we move into 2019 there is a sense of excitement regarding the future development and growth of our industry”.

Social media makes it easier than ever to boast the fruits of your labour. It’s never been easier for garden centres to keep posted with emerging trends.

Brits are striving to stand out in their streets. maximising their curb appeal. It’s crucial that the garden retail industry keeps up with the pace and meet these needs.

Living Digital

Living in a digital era, staying on trend is now more accessible than ever. Gardeners and retailers are turning to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to keep ahead of the game.

Having to cater for home growers, city dwellers and multi-sensory spaces can be challenging in an industry with flowing trends that never slow down.

Local and hyper-local centres are now thriving, the rivalry is fiercer than it ever has been to stock the most wanted trends. Observing what your competitors are doing, allows your centre to capitalise on emerging news, trends and opportunities. Knowing what they are up to is part of coming out on top.

As a business owner, you need to keep yourself informed. Identifying and taking advantage of new opportunities. The past year has seen exciting and unprecedented growth in gardening. With the garden retail market now worth over £5bn.

Alongside using SEO and social media to stay current, leveraging your team is one of the best ways to deliver your customers with what they want. Your team will have eyes and ears on the ground too, feeding back their findings.

Networking and engaging with your audience is crucial. Face to face time you get with your audience and fellow industry competitors is beneficial for your business.

It’s great to see the industry from your audience’s perspective. Don’t underestimate the power of customer insight!

Gardening Trends

Gardening trends come and go. It can be tempting to switch off from the constant flow of information, yet it’s important to remain informed.

The garden centre retail trade can’t afford to ignore the industry trends. As garden centres, we develop, create and shape what the future of gardening looks like.

Staying on top of trends can seem like a job in itself. With new technologies and trends taking effect at an astonishing rate, there’s a huge amount of material to digest.

Not paying attention to these trends can make your centre look outdated.

Social networking is changing the way we communicate. A tool particularly powerful when it turns into action. 67% of Brits are now getting their gardening knowledge via the internet and social media. With 46% of Brits believing that social media will influence the up and coming trends of 2020.

Rachel Lund from the British Retail Consortium warns that whilst the future is looking good for garden retail, we need to be equipped for a tough few months. Retailers can’t afford to do nothing when it comes to using technology. A real growing driver for consumer spending. 

Aside from social media, garden centres seek an abundance of inspiration from flower shows throughout the year. Furthermore, when you find yourself reaching for something other than your phone, glossy magazines are at hand for garden centres to seek out the ideas that their customers desire.

Garden Retail Inspiration

Alan Titchmarsh, Gardener, Broadcaster and Novelist expressed that “Thinkers need inspiration and, however useful the internet may be, there is nothing better than a book to offer shafts of illumination when it comes to gardens and generally firing up the horticultural imagination”.

The garden retail sector is at the heart of horticulture. Having the ability to provide for the sharp turn around with the rising urge to be connected to nature and protect our planets for future generations.

“Whether it concerns plants or other products, retailers who share knowledge and advice about nature and sustainability will be more successful in attracting this new wave of customers” – Ulrike Ziegler, Manager EFSA.

Although the market has seen drastic development in recent years, stocking more than just plants, being home to Michelin Star restaurants and being treated as a day out; Matthew Wilson, Chanel 4’s Landscape Man, believes that plans will remain at the heart of garden centre business.

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